Information About BuxMont Counseling

Our purpose

BuxMont Counseling is a ministry of Calvary Church. Our purpose is to provide compassionate, honest care in the counseling room employing Godly wisdom to work through the pressing issues of life. Our passion is to see broken lives, relationships, and marriages restored and made whole as people draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Our counselors can help by listening, offering hope, and helping to ease the sense of isolation we often feel at life's dead-ends. Our counseling staff are educated, trained, and experienced Christian men and women who deal with many problems that need resolution through an objective, professional, and biblical perspective. We understand that seeking help is not always the easy and comfortable way to go but it is the wise and courageous way to go.

BuxMont Counseling is located at our Souderton campus and is open to the community. BuxMont counseling does not employee medical staff who can prescribe medications, provide psychiatric care, or offer social services.  We do not provide crisis care.  In the case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

If you have a spiritual emergency after hours or over the weekend, call Calvary Church at 215.723.0963 and press 8 when prompted.

Our distinctives

We are staffed by professional Christian counselors.

Each of our counselors has attended graduate school and has earned a master’s degree in their field. All are Christians committed to the ministry of the local church.


BuxMont Counseling is a comfortable and safe place.

Sessions will take place at BuxMont Counseling which is located on the property in a separate building from the church with ample parking. Clients will feel welcomed when entering this warm, inviting, and renovated home.


Counsel is given from a biblical perspective.

No matter where you are in your faith journey, your counselor will treat you in a Christ-like manner without being judgmental or legalistic. They will demonstrate compassion and care and will provide clients with hope and encouragement.


Sessions are private and confidential.

All sessions will take place in a private office. Information will be kept confidential as described in our Personal Client Profile.


Sessions are designed to address heart issues and produce lasting change.

Our counselors will focus on identifying core issues that are negatively affecting the client’s life. Clients will be encouraged to explore these obstacles so they can experience real and lasting change.


BuxMont Counseling is backed by a local church ministry.

BuxMont Counseling is an independent ministry of Calvary Church, Souderton, PA. This enables us to keep our fees manageable as well as providing access to the ministries and resources of Calvary Church.

Our History

Since its beginning, the mission of Calvary Church has been to help people come to know Jesus Christ, grow in him, and assist them as they navigate difficult situations in their lives. Over the years, our leadership has learned that people are often deeply broken after experiencing complex situations in their lives.

Many of these people would benefit greatly from meeting with a trained, professional counselor who could provide counseling advice from a Christian perspective.

In the 1980’s, several trained counselors were hired on a part-time basis to meet the growing need for support. They used unoccupied offices and empty classrooms to hold their sessions. Though the ministry was very successful, this setting was less than optimal. In the late 1990’s, a neighboring property to the church, then known as Century Gospel Films, became available. This property included a house with several out buildings. After it was purchased, church leadership decided to convert the house into the Calvary Church Counseling Center. It was renovated into office space that would provide clients with a safe and private environment for their counseling sessions.

As the counseling center began to grow, more trained counselors were hired. Counseling services are now provided to individuals, couples, families, and those desiring to get married. Since its inception, hundreds of people have been helped to resolve serious problems, grow closer to Jesus Christ, and set their lives on a new path. 

In 2016, it was decided that the Counseling Center was under-promoted and under-utilized. As a result, The Calvary Church Counseling Center donned a new name and became BuxMont Counseling – Professional Guidance…Christian Perspective. With our new name and logo came the launch of our own web site and a strategic marketing plan to inform the church and local community of this excellent resource. BuxMont Counseling is thriving and remains a life-giving ministry of Calvary Church.

Our Process

Reaching out for help can be uncomfortable in difficult circumstances or when you are not familiar with how things work.

Here at BuxMont Counseling, we strive to meet each client’s needs with honest and compassionate care. We understand the concerns for privacy and the provision of a safe environment in which to receive counseling services.  All information is kept confidential through the counseling process under the guidelines set forth in our client confidentiality statement. (See profile.)

To begin, a short telephone intake will be done to determine the appropriateness of our center to meet your counseling needs. If BuxMont Counseling is not the best center for your counseling concerns, we will provide you with outside resources. Once established as the appropriate center, a counselor will be assigned according to individual circumstances and an initial appointment will be scheduled.  All subsequent appointments will be scheduled directly through your counselor.  Generally, the counselors see their clients on an every other week rotation.  The sessions are 50 minutes long and they are $70.00 which is payable by cash or check at the time of the session.  

Along with your counselor, you will set goals for counseling to determine the appropriate direction.  Clients are not required to stay for a fixed amount of time or number of sessions but will be guided by their counselor as to when counseling should end.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept or participate with insurance. Financial assistance is available for Calvary attenders through a program called MoneyWi$e

For those needing financial assistance who are part of another church family, we ask that you first seek assistance from your church in paying the counseling fees before requesting assistance from Calvary.