Frequently Asked Questions About BuxMont Counseling Center

Clients of BuxMont Counseling often comment that the fear of the unknown kept them from taking the first step of reaching out for help. "I wish I would have done this years ago" is something that we hear from virtually every client. We understand that counseling is an incredibly personal and private matter. Our commitment to you is that your privacy is one of our highest priorities. If you are hurting and need someone to talk to, please know that we are here because we care and want to be there for you, no matter what you are going through. Below are answers to some questions frequently asked by prospective clients. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime - we are here to help. All conversations are strictly confidential. 

What privacy will I have?

Conversations with your counselor will remain confidential with the exceptions that are explained in the description of confidentially on our website and on the Personal Client Profile which you will complete if you decide to become a client.

I go to Church at Calvary; will anyone see me at the counseling center?

BuxMont Counseling is located on the property but in a separate building adjacent to the church facility. This allows clients to come and go without being noticed. However, you may recognize others in the waiting room. In this case, we ask that you respect their anonymity.

What are the fees for counseling?

The charge is $70.00 per session. If you attend Calvary Church, you may qualify for a sliding scale. To determine eligibility, you apply for assistance by filling out a MoneyWi$e profile and then meet with one of our financial coaches who will help to determine your eligibility. For help with this process, call the counseling center office. Please remember, we do not accept payments from health insurance companies. 

How is my counselor chosen?

The relationship between counselor and client is critical so we want this to be a good match for each client. As part of the intake process, you will be asked some questions that will guide us in determining which counselor will be the best fit for your counseling needs.

Will Christian counseling help?

Many problems are very complex and multifaceted but your counseling at BuxMont Counseling will focus on the root causes and spiritual nature of what you are experiencing. Most clients are happy with their experience and leave in a better place than when they came.

Who can receive services?

Our counselors are ready to help anyone that desires to come for help. If the problems are beyond the scope of our services, we will make an appropriate recommendation to another facility.