Confidentiality at Buxmont Counseling

BuxMont Counseling regards client privacy and confidentiality with the highest legal and ethical standards with the understanding that certain limitations apply. These limits include:

  • When your counselor discusses your situation with their supervisor or when it is necessary to discuss your situation with our legal counsel, our Director of Counseling, and legal counsel are also subject to confidentiality requirements
  • If you are a believer and attend Calvary Church and if we determine in good faith that the elder board or pastoral staff needs to be involved in spiritual health concerns
  • When required by law to report suspected child abuse, spousal abuse, or elder abuse
  • In the case of a child under 18, notification of parent(s) in situations warranting counselor’s concern
  • If you express serious intent to harm yourself or others
  • When we are ordered by a court to do so
  • Should you as the client choose to revoke any portion of the confidentiality agreement, the counselor has the right to terminate counseling at that time.

Records are contained in a locked cabinet in a locked office at all times. 

There are times when it is beneficial for a counselor to speak to another caregiver such as a doctor or another counselor. In this situation, the client will be asked to sign a release of information giving their counselor permission to do so.