Pre-Maritial Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling is a valuable service offered at BuxMont Counseling. The time leading into marriage is so important for building a healthy relationship that will extend beyond the wedding to the many seasons of life. Our desire is not to help you survive your marriage but, to grow and flourish as a couple. We counsel couples from a biblical perspective with the hope that Jesus Christ will be at the center of your marriage.

For those attending Calvary Church who want to be married by one of our pastors or at Calvary Church, the Calvary 2 to 1 program is our pre-marital program which you can learn more about. If you do not attend Calvary but, would like to participate in the 2 to 1 program, we invite you to check out the Calvary website or contact Deb Barlow at 215.723.0963, x111.

We also desire to help those in our community who want to be better prepared for marriage. We invite you to contact BuxMont Counseling to discuss the services we offer that may assist you in preparing to get married. This includes a professional online survey with correlated results and sessions with one of our counselors. Please contact us for more details. Those who have done pre-marital counseling with us report great benefit.

Pre-marital counseling at BuxMont Counseling will include sessions with one of our counselors. The sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $70.00 per session, payable by cash or check.  Financial assistance is available for Calvary attenders through our MoneyWi$e program.

Please call the counseling office at 215.703.8926 for more information or to schedule an appointment.