As part of BuxMont Counseling Services, Moneywi$e seeks to help people by teaching sound principles for money management through financial coaching.

Our skilled volunteer team of MoneyWi$e coaches are trained professionals working in various parts of the financial industry. They offer free appointment times to meet with individuals or couples in a private and confidential setting.

The function of MoneyWi$e is two-fold. First, it is used to help people grow in their personal money management.  Mismanagement can bog people down to the point of getting behind financially. A MoneyWi$e coach can help by taking a look at a client’s financial situation and then make recommendations for changes to restore financial stability. MoneyWi$e coaches do not provide investment advice. Appointments are open to anyone interested is seeking advice.

Secondly, MoneyWi$e is a means of determining appropriate assistance with counseling fees for Calvary attenders who wish to receive services at BuxMont Counseling.

There is no charge for MoneyWi$e appointments. We hope that all who use our services will benefit financially as well as spiritually.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for budgeting or counseling assistance, please fill out the appropriate profile below and when it is completed, call the counseling office to schedule an appointment.